About Us

May 9, 2018

We at ProTest Solutions have been assuring the quality and executing Release Management of highly complex applications since late 2011 with great succes, together with our sister company Ključ Savjetovanje (http://kljuc-savjetovanje.hr). The team is working together on daily basis with the market leader in administrative software used in the Aviation Industry, which is fully owned by the world’s largest aircraft manufacturer. The products under test have seen a steady increase in quality in production and with a strong focus on test automation, the Quality Assurance Engineers have ensured more consistency and predictability in the overall quality of the software.

In December 2017, ProTest’s sister company Ključ Savjetovanje became an ISTQB Silver partner and in April 2018 the full Quality Assurance team was ISTQB certified. The ProTest Solutions training program for the ISTQB Foundation Certification has proven its’s quality and both of our companies will work together towards their main goals for 2018; Ključ is to become an ISTQB Gold partner and ProTest an accredited ISTQB Training Provider. On September, 17, 2018 ProTest Solutions has become an ISTQB accredited training provider for the ISTQB – Certified Tester – Foundation level based on the 2018 syllabus.

Starting June 2021, we expanded our portfolio and started collaboration for a major player in the Brand and Trademark Protection domain from a Test Lead perspective.


Our Mission

‘The mission of you as our client is to deliver software of exceptional quality and sustain or gain a market leader position. Our mission is to cooperate with you to achieve your mission by offering fully independent and reliable Software Quality Assurance Services.’


Our Vision

‘Be on the forefront in a world where Software Quality Assurance is a given and continuously preach the necessity for Quality Assurance in the software community for the ever growing number of software solutions.’


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